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Who we are

Daniela and Beata, two old-fashioned and very kind ladies will welcome you to the Il Cuore B&B.


Daniela is the perfect landlady and Beata is the trusted keeper. They established their B&B in 2011, relying on their strength, passion and creativity. Daniela restored old furniture and sown beautiful curtains, looking for the more refined combinations and matchings, even when it came to the scents...That wonderful orange scent that can be perceived as soon as you cross the threshold...


Daniela's taste can be grasped at every corner of the B&B, it can be found in each object, fabric or rocking horse. Beata's lively spirit can be felt in the same way, as she's always ready to welcome you with her sweet smile and entertain you with a pleasant conversation, also when she's preparing one of her unique apple pies...their sweet scent will reach the top of the stairs and softly wake you up every morning.


And then, besides Daniela and Beata, there's Trilli the small white Maltese, the true queen of the house, always ready to greet you and your pets with a warm welcome.


Here they are the two ladies of the Il Cuore B&B, passionate about the taste of the past and beautiful things...But first of all, passionate about life.